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August 06, 2004


Peter Mitchell

Oh dear, you don't have much of a clue about British politics do you? Tony Blair's wife Cherie was crying when he made his 'victory' speech because she knew that a majority of less than 90 means he will not be prime minister in 18 months. The ant-war vote has destroyed any leverage he has in parliament -there are simply too many rebels in the Labour Party for him to continue as leader. Say goodbye to your British lapdog; the British electorate are far more left-wing politically than you giv e them credit for. The majority of Brits are appalled by what has happened in Iraq - so should you be.


Wow! Someone who speaks for the majority of Brits.

Frank Warner

Only 22 percent of Britons voted for the party that opposed the liberation of Iraq.

Only 22 percent of Britons wanted to be lapdogs for Saddam Hussein.

jj mollo

Give him credit. He made a specific forecast of the future. We'll see who's gone by 11/7/2006. He is right. We were appalled by Iraq over the last 30 years, and still are. But something had to be done, and we did the right thing. Pray that it works out.

He is also right about the Brits. Once the war is won, they are inclined to dump the one they owe it to. When WWII was won, they fired Churchill. When the economy finally turned around, they fired the Conservatives. There is a good chance that the Liberal Democrats have shot themselves in the foot this time. When Labour goes down, it will most likely be the Tories who take over.

Like Mikhail Gorbachev, Tony Blair will always be loved and respected more in the US than in his home country. Why is that? Is it just because he agreed with us? I think we are just more objective on the subject. What a pleasure to hear Blair speak. What an ordeal to listen to George Galloway.

I suppose it can work the other way. Maybe similar to the fact that Americans have a hard time appreciating Wilson. Nevertheless, the French are wrong about Jerry Lewis.


Blair and Brown unite against rebel MPs

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