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August 31, 2004



Why do I get a feeling that the Democrats "know that promoting democracy" has that limp noodle sound to it ?
I know that giving a million dollars to every man, woman and child will make them happy, but I don't have the money, so that does nothing. Rather it has a PR campaign sense to it.
There is nothing in the Democratic platform about coalitions of governments (i.e. NATO, UN, etc). While using only "people and NGOs" and "their governments" might work in Iran, countries like Iraq and North Korea would never really have (had) a chance at democracy by that route.
If the Kerry "secret plan" is a rerun of the exit strategy he presented to the Senate in '71 for Vietnam, "America’s credibility and commitment" will be in the dumpster for decades. His plan was for stability at all costs, even if a few "locals" are crushed in the near term. Democracy was a possible outcome, but only one of many.
The Democrat platform has the puff, but none of the pow.

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