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July 29, 2004


Paul W. Swansen

An interesting aside from the two John's visit here in Colorado. I picked up a couple who attended the event at one of our local auditorium's more known for it's hosting alternative music groups than political events. The first comments out of both of their mouths was, that after waiting for Kerry, who was 90 minutes late, he had no spark or charisma to get the crowd involved and excited that he was there and they should vote and support him.


Frank, Frank, Frank,

You're talking about a man who turned on his buddies and his country when he came home from Vietnam. A man who visited Nicaragua and communist leader Ortega and urged him to oppose Reagan. A man who opposed the Persion Gulf war. Mr. Kerry and his cronies (media, Moore, Gore, Kennedy, DNC, etc) have almost made it impossible for any future President to fight any war, especially a war for the freedom of other individuals, in the future. Mr. Kerry is a FRAUD! From is 3 purple heart scabs, to his fake vietnam movies, to his SUV, no wind mills in my bag yard enviromental retoric, to his regular guy, football throwing image, to his Botox injections, to his $1,000 haircuts. He has no soul, he has no heart, he's been telling so many people, for so long what they want to hear he doesn't know right from wrong or good from bad. If talking about freedom is what you need to hear from Kerry to vote for him, I'm sure he'll more than oblige.

Frank Warner

But he didn't oblige!

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