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July 30, 2004



And not a word about abortion, pro-abortion judges, etc.


Judge Crater,

Kerry doesn't like to commit on issues that will lose him votes or get him kicked out of the Church, but I think it's safe to assume that he's pro-choice. He will appoint liberal judges. Or, being a liberal, he might try to compromise, hold everybody's hands and settle on a more moderate candidate. Who knows?

By the way, your use of the words “pro-abortion” brands you as a thoughtless fanatic. If you really think about it, there are very few (with the possible exception of a few rich doctors) who are unreservedly in favor of the procedure. Do you really believe that anybody prefers abortion as a pure benefit to society?

An honest person would say that some people recognize abortion as a necessary evil. Many others believe it to be unreservedly bad, but do not think that the state has a right to enforce their opinion.

Personally, I am surprised that so-called "pro-life" people are frequently in favor of the death penalty, against needle exchange programs and would never dream of forcing motorcyclists to wear helmets.

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