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June 28, 2004



If there were no Electoral College, Bush would have chosen different strategies. You know that Gore was not trying to win a plurality. He was trying to win in the Electoral College.

Are you saying that Democrats should stop resorting to abortions because they will then be able to win elections so that they can keep abortion legal? Whoa.

Frank Warner

You put it well, JJ. That would be Catch 23!

No, I'm not saying that. I'm just pointing to something worth a second thought.

The effect of abortion rights on the Democratic Party seems more akin to the after-effect of the labor movement's success in the campaign to improve U.S. labor laws on pay, health and safety.

The more successful the unions were, the less necessary the unions became. And where have all the unions gone?

Call it the dialectic of freedom.

Frank Warner

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