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May 18, 2004



I wonder if any of these Catholics will ever realize they're not even Christian...


That was either a somewhat trollish comment or a brief peek into a frightening psyche. I have come to believe that the human capacity for philosophical bifurcation is unbounded. Given our other faults, it is also dangerous. We start out taking swipes at their customs and ideas and we end up hacking off their limbs.


I was certainly not being trollish. I was simply suggesting that there are many Catholics hiding behind the name that have no idea what it means to be a Christian. They are Catholic because that's what their parents told them they are. Wouldn't you agree?

In all my years of Sunday school, Catechism, church and fulfillment of sacraments, I was never taught what it meant to be a Christian--I was only given rules to follow. Yet, surpisingly, most Catholics consider themselves Christian.


Surely you recognize that such assertions can be hurtful to sincere people who are trying to do the right thing. No doubt you have decided that, for their own good, you must take the risk of alienating them.

Tell me this. Suppose there was an observant Catholic who had learned to follow all the rules provided by the Church but did not actually have the mental capacity to understand the "true meaning" of what it means to be Christian. Do you feel qualified to judge that person's status?


"tallglass" is not supposed to express an opinion because "such assertions might be hurtful to sincere people"? You hypocrite! Doesn't it occur to you that perhaps "tallglass" is himself "sincere" about the statement he made, and your denigration of his beliefs might be "hurtful" to him? If Mr "Tallglass" has no right to criticize people who he believes are not "Catholic enough" because he might hurt their feelings, than by the same standard you have no right to criticize Mr "Tallglass" because you might hurt his feelings.

That's the funny thing about the apostles of tolerance today: If people they disagree with make the mildest statement of criticism of them or their friends, oh, they are so deeply hurt and shocked. But they have no problem attacking THOSE people. Mr "jj", you are either a liar, a hypocrite, or a moron. And if that hurts your feelings, too bad. YOU are the one saying we should be tolerant of other's beliefs. While, my beliefs say that I have a right and a responsibility to denounce statements that I believe to be false. So if you really believe that you have no right to criticize others, then shutup when people say things you disagree with. Your position contradicts itself.


I like that "apostles of tolerance" phrase .. catchy

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