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April 30, 2004


Ross Gonzales

I totally agree with you Frank. I served with CW3 Boggs and SPC Bingaman. Mr. boggs was easily one of the better pilots I had the opportunity to fly with. "Bingy", as I called him, was by far my favorite crewchief. I was his flight instructor and knew he was on track to become a superstar in the Army. I know both of them extrememly well and know they did everything possible to try and avoid that terrible tragedy. The world is now void of three great Americans, soldiers, sons and daughter. We should all be thankfull for each and every individual serving in the military, regardless of branch, rank, or job description. Every one of us who have served or are serving, do so for our country, unconditionally. So next time you come across a servicemember or veteran, tell them "Thanks", for helping make our country what it is today.
To my fellow brothers and sisters in arms, I salute you. Godspeed! OUTLAWS!

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