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April 27, 2004



I am a recentely gratuate student in Myanmar. I do know the bad situation about the university life of myanmar. It is terrible. All the student's moral is damanage. Now most of the student do not think about country, they also do not love the country. Education level is also terrible low. Imagine how bad is it. We can get the one degree without knowing anything on related subject. You believe this? This is real. Please give me suggession how can we change it. It is worse and worse.


To the Truth of Burma

When enough people care only about the nature of their homeland, then things will change. If there are enough people, like your elected president, who are passionate and willing to die for their cause, it will change. In the U.S. there are enough people who are willing to invest their lives or risk their deaths for our country that it will be preserved. More importantly, many are willing to support the separate principles of our Constitution with the same level of sacrifice, such that the nature of our country will also be preserved.

It is very hard to imbue people with the sense, the understanding and the passion for such abstractions that they will risk anything, much less their lives or the kind of suffering that can be imposed by a state such as "Myanmar". Even in our country, ideas like Freedom of Speech and the Separation of Church and State are constantly under attack.

What ideas are you willing to die for? I really don't know much about your country, but I have read about freedom movements in many places. People have been motivated strongly by the concepts of Communism and Islam or even Falan Gong. Would someone like Pol Pot or Osama bin Laden be an improvement? You could invite them in. I would recommend, however, that you study the more successful cases of Eastern Europe. Nobody suffered over the years like Poland. They freed their country by adherence to the principles of justice for Labor and a religion of peace. What is best for your country? Only you can decide.

Benjamin Franklin was most responsible for freeing my country by identifying us. He stopped calling us "colonials" and called us "Americans" instead. I think you might be able to get somewhere if you choose your own name, at least. You might start by invoking your own vision of the future and calling your homeland (this is just a suggestion by an ignorant outsider), "Burma".

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