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March 15, 2004


Edd Chango

Why hasn't our government/media given us this information? I read online news every day and the only time I heard about this "winds of black death" plan was on cable BBC news! Help! Are we *really* living in an open, free and democratic country?


Our government isn't your nurse maid. We have a free press. Ask them why they don't disseminate information in the way they are being paid to do.


The corporate-government controlled mass media of the New World Order creates paranoid anxiety among local police and National Guard officers, while getting them to collude in concealing "the real Al Qaeda threat", covering it up from the ignorant public - "in order not to panic us. "
After all, we couldn't handle the truth,
Could we ?

Isn't it obvious by now the whole thing is one big Inside con Job
- from 9/11 itself, to the phony Berg decapitation video to Ashcroft's totally bogus cries of wolf.
This is all nothing more than mass mind control, with some real violence added to make it convincing.
Al Qaeda and bin Laden are about as real as the imaginary "undergound terrorists" and Emmanuel Goldstein character in George Orwell's novel "1984".
Hell those aren't terrorists. Those are the mujahaddin. Those are Ronnie Reagan' s Afghan freedom fighters, whom he described (along with the crack-dealing contras) as "the moral equivalent of our founding fathers", in the global struggle against godless communism and the Soviet Union.
Remember ?
Or has your brain been washed clean ?
In the blood of the lamb.
Oceania is at war with Eurasia.
Eastasia is our ally.
Eastasia has always been our ally.
And Eurasia has alwasy been our enemy.

Wake up !!
This is how they burned the Reichstag.
This is how they recruited whole nations to commit suicide.
Pure Goebbels. With hi-tech pyro-technics thrown in for effect.

Brad Arnold

Al Qaeda is fleeing the tribal areas of Pakistan the same way they dispersed from Afghanistan in anticipation of the 9/11 attacks.

John Walker (the "American Taliban") said bin Laden had three waves of attacks upon America planned, each of increasing severity. He said that the second wave was to be biological.

Imagine al Qaeda deploying anthrax in multiple simultaneous geographically diverse attacks. Scores of buildings contaminated, thousands of Americans flooding the hospitals with respiratory distress.

According to Capital Hill Blue, President Bush is mentally unstable and being treated with powerful anti-depressants. Will Bush overreact, and launch a disproportionate retaliation on the tribal area of Pakistan, because it is the location bin Laden is suspected to be?


Is this the La La Land thread?

The "Winds of Black Death" refers to a mass release of black pepper over the city of Chicago. They will sneeze themselves into oblivion, dislocating their infidel vertebrae and fall into the mighty Great Lakes, rueing to the end their infidel thoughts.



Great website! Bookmarked! I am impressed at your work!


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