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March 19, 2004



i think we are retared to think that its ok to go into another country and take over and make the united states look like the most powerful contry in the world .. i mean come on now we didnt think it was right when germeny started taking over places cuz they wanted to be the most pwerful nation

Frank Warner


Germany invaded other nations to conquer them and to spread Nazi repression.

The United States invaded Iraq, whose fascist regime had invaded two other nations and murdered hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, to stop Saddam's aggression and repression, and to let the Iraqi people choose their own way in freedom.

And by the way, each time the United States guides a nation to freedom, the U.S. share of the world economy actually shrinks. U.S. power is relatively smaller. The freed nations gradually do better.

The U.S. benefits, not from increased power, but from knowing that a democratic world is so much more peaceful. As more nations are freed, the U.S. won't be called upon as frequently to undertake costly rescue missions, such as the liberation of Iraq.

Read your history. There is a big difference between a totalitarian conqueror and a democratic liberator.

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