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December 22, 2003


Matthew Bernott

Ive seen several episodes of the little rascals the lone ranger charly chaplin movies betty boob early disney cartoons a lot of black and white movies like fritz land metroplois a new movie in 1929 and many other shows as reruns. Ive read a lot of history and because of that although I can look in the mirror and see my 34 year old self In mind I feel in some ways I'm over a thousand years old. Except thats only a run away imagination.

Matthew Bernott

one mispelling corection fritz lang not land so and a blah blah blah

Frank Warner

and Charlie.

and Boop.

and Metropolis.

and misspelling.

But I understand the point. It was a totally different time with a unique feel to it.

John Sorenson

This is a very sad ending to the life of Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer, who was by far my all-time favorite child actor. I enjoyed seeing him in several movies as an adult before his untimely death at 31 in 1959. Thanks for posting the info!

Rocco Manno

his tomb stone has a picture of a dog engraved on it!


Leave it to Alfalfa to bring a knife to a gun fight.

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