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November 25, 2003


Kevin Nienhuis

I'm a Canadian perusing the internet and found your Nov. 22 JFK assassination anniversary review of the Peter Jennigs “documentary” on the Frank Warner Web site...

My goodness gracious, I've never seen so many discredited 40 year-old myths presented all at once in my life. With all due respect, sir...

Where to begin...?... No, Oswald was not the assassin. Sorry. There are NO witnesses who put him on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository with a gun at the time of the shooting (police chief Jesse Curry even admitted as much in his autobiography). In fact, none of the so-called "witnesses" were able to pick him out of a police line-up! He WAS seen, however, in the second floor lunch room within 90 seconds of the assassination. His gun was not the first weapon found up there -- a German-made 7.5mm Mauser was (police officers discussing it can be heard on the their radio communications)... Oswald was NOT at the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City. There is not a shred of evidence that he was ever there. To the contrary, a very large, obese individual (perhaps using his name?) was photographed coming out of the embassy by CIA cameras. Oswald was not a Castro sympathizer as ABC News asserts. In fact, he was the ONLY member of the FPCC in New Orleans, and all of his friends and associates were known right-wing anti-Castroites. Come on, sir, you must know this!!! Why do you think Oswald used his one phone call to contact an FBI agent when he was arrested for disturbing the peace in New Orleans in August of 1963!?! Why not one of his communist buddies? His wife? Anybody!!! No, he called his handlers... This has been common knowledge since the Church Committee and House Select Committees of the 1970s, and you do your readers a great disservice when you promote such disinformation!

Proving that nonsensical “magic bullet theory” theory has been more difficult than finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Sorry, but maybe -- just perhaps as a Canadian maybe I can more easily handle the notion that your government would fabricate a web of lies surrounding the death of its own president.

My observation has been that most people who believe LHO killed JFK are paid to believe that! Thus the bizarre rantings of dishonest "reporters" such as Dan Rather and so on (no wonder CBS fakes so much stuff on "60 Minutes"). And that Peter Jennings ABC special on the 20th that you adore so much... how utterly ridiculous! Gotta love those ABC "magic bullet" computer simulations! After 40 years of never being able to duplicate in real life what this miracle missile supposedly did, I guess we have to resort to having computers telling the big lie from now on. One question no defender of this asinine theory has ever answered: just how did that bullet get on the stretcher? Still haven't heard that one explained! And I never will... Hmmm... maybe the next generation of super computers can clear up the fog...

Speaking of things foggy, I also can't figure out the media euphoria over author/lawyer Gerald Posner's "Case Closed" book in 1993... How can a book stating that the Warren Commission had it right all along even be newsworthy!?! Think about it! U.S. News & World Report went absolutely ga-ga over it, yet wouldn't something sensational -- ie. a "conspiracy" -- be the news event of the century??? It would be rather strange to hear on the news that a plane did NOT crash at LaGuardia airport today, or that terrorists did NOT attack the World Trade Center. Since when is the media in the business of telling us that nothing has happened? And yet for 40 years that's exactly what they've done. Hey folks, this just in: "JFK NOT KILLED BY CONSPIRACY" screamed the adoring headlines in 1993. Why does the news media have such a negative interest in whether or not JFK was killed by Oswald or not? It's funny because in their business, when reporting on every other facet of human existence, they naturally tend to the sensational. So, WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO DAN RATHER / PETER JENNINGS et al THAT JFK BE FOUND NOT TO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIM OF A CONSPIRACY!?! I've been scratching my head over that one for 25 years. The foreign media? No problem! They'll discuss it in much the same way we discuss whether or not there are WMD in Iraq. The U.S. media? In lock-step, they'd rather be tortured in a Turkish prison than even entertain the thought that we didn't know everything on the assassination by midnight on Nov. 22, 1963. Methinks they protest too much!

How the American national news media loves to tell their lies... In 1991, during the very week that Oliver Stone's movie debuted, "Nightline" (with guest-host Forrest Sawyer) aired a one hour edition to showcase their "exclusive" look at the never-before-seen KGB file on Oswald. Of course, what Mr. Sawyer and Nightline never once mentioned in their incredibly dishonest report was how the U.S. government had tons of files that had never seen the light of day! They can travel half-way around the world to look at the KGB files (knowing damn well there's nothing in there!) but can't even be bothered to ask their own government for the very same thing! That's worse than dishonest -- it's shameful and scandalous is what it is. Entertainment disguised as news...

After four decades these folks still have yet to come up with one reason why Oswald would have killed JFK! Why don't they give it up already! For crying out loud, he had every opportunity to shout it from the rooftops to a global TV audience in those 48 hours before Ruby silenced him. Now, 40 years later, his brother makes an appearance on the "Today" show and says Lee did it for the attention? Huh? So I guess what Oswald was really saying was: "Hey world, over here -- look at me! -- I emphatically deny these charges!!!"

Oliver Stone? He should get a medal for even raising these issues! He brought more to light, in full public view in his "Hollywood film portrayal" than those con artists in the U.S. news media ever have in 40 years. Still more plausible than all the hocus-pocus Gerald Posner and his kind have produced. That must be why the media trashed the movie -- too close to the truth! Mr. Stone should have said the Mafia or the Soviets did it and the media would have left him alone...

I close with this question for you: has a major national news organization in the United States ever, even one single time, requested information on the JFK assassination through the Freedom of Information act? Perhaps you can answer this for me, but I think I already know the answer.

Oh, I forgot, they're too busy sluething out the important stuff, you know, like OJ and Michael Jackson and Laci Peterson! Indeed, they'll leave no stone unturned in their insatiable quest for the truth!!! After all, the public has the right to know...

Oh, I almost forgot: Oswald was really shooting at Governor Connally and missed, accidentally killing JFK. Bummer. I know this is true because TIME magazine told me so in 1988, and they kept a straight face (apparently) as they went to press with this startling revelation...


Edmonton, Canada

Iraq Free R.

Take your tired arguments to alt.conspiracy.

Gerald Posner pretty much nailed it.
Oliver Stone had no interest in the truth.

Let me just point out one of your many
mistakes. Claims that the rifle
found in the book depository was
a 7.65-mm German Mauser were merely
speculation before the rifle was
even touched or picked up. DPD
Captain Will Fritz picked up the
rifle and it was photographed by
Lieutenant Day. The rifle was then
photographed on 16mm movie film as
Fritz handled it and Day dusted the
trigger guard for prints. This film
clearly shows a 6.5 MC rifle.

Kevin Nienhuis

Wow, didn't think you'd have the nerve to post my rebuttal to the ABC tripe.

Iraq Free R, you say I wrote "many mistakes" in my piece, but only reply to one? Come now, you can do better than that! I'll take you to task on the media coverage alone! Your "response" is as bad as the Time magazine article I mentioned!

BTW, Iraq Free R, you can take your tired defense of Posner to and check this out... As you'll see, Posner nailed nothing. He's the one who's been nailed!

Sorry, the Mauser was indeed found by police officer Roger Craig, remember? The 16mm film of the "find" of the rifle you refer to was shot by WFAA's Tom Alyea and was a renenactment staged long after the Mauser was discovered.

Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry put it best: "We never could place Oswald in that window with a gun in his hand."

Still want to know if the news media has ever made an FOIA request to look at anything related to the JFK assassination.

Betcha can't name one time! So much for their interest in the truth...

Maybe on the 50th anniversary ABC will have a computer simulation proving that the magic bullet actually hit Martin Luther King and then RFK before coming ot rest on the stretcher! Then, truly, it could be said it was a lone nut who killed all three!

Hell, I can create a computer simulation proving the magic bullet hit bystander James Tague after striking Connally.

P.S. Saw in the news recently that the U.S. government is looking for more conspirators in the Oklahoma City bombing case, convinced that not everyone involved was brought to justice. What? McVeigh and Nichols aren't enough? What is it with all this paranoid conspiracy stuff? Oh, right, I forgot: when the government is the victim, it's always a conspiracy. When the government is the perpetrator, it's a deranged individual, acting alone...


Anyone with a lick of common sense knows that the government can't keep a secret for longer than a dog can ignore a pocket full of bacon. The only problem is sorting out the various versions of the truth from the various lies. Conspiracy theorists have no way of doing this. That part of their brain is missing. Moreover, they actually think it's worth the trouble. For them, every pile of manure conceals a treasure map.

Frank Warner

One of the best arguments for the single-bullet explanation is that, if President Kennedy and Governor Connally were not wounded this way, it would have taken another five or six shots to explain all those holes.

And no one heard that many shots.

Perhaps an even better proof that Oswald acted alone is that Robert Kennedy, the president's brother and attorney general, had all the investigative resources of the government at his hands to find a conspiracy.

And he found none.

Frank Warner

Kevin Nienhuis

How pathetic... So, "it would have taken another five or six shots to explain all those holes..." Nope, don't think so! Two or three perhaps. The central point is that JFK and Connally were hit by separate shots, and JFK's throat wound was one of entrance -- oops, I forgot, every doctor was "mistaken"! The number of shots can be debated, but not that!

No one heard that many shots, Mr. Warner? Hmmm... The front page of Dallas Times Herald that day said: "Witnesses heard six or seven shots. The bursts were clearly heard." Yes, yes, I know -- they, too, were "mistaken"!

Your point is irrelevant anyway, because some shots were right on top of each other and the configuration of the buildings made echos and shots confusing and indistinguishable.

RFK found no conspiracy? Are you sure? He most certainly believed in one, as he told his audience at Berkely days before his own assassination. He said he would reopen the case. Too bad he never got the chance!

Anyway, you have the classic American denial mode: if there is a conspiracy, it's always foreign, never domestic.

Then why the faked evidence? Sorry, but the backyard "rifle photos" of Oswald are 100 per cent proven to be fakes -- not by U.S. government experts, of course! As are many of the JFK autopsy pictures.

Oh, right, the HSCA said they were genuine! Your "experts" are just so damn good!

Why were Oswald's tax returns declared top secret? And so much more evidence for 75 years (Warren Commission) and 50 years (HSCA). Funny, when Nixon hid something from public view, it was called a "cover-up"... But in this case it's the old "national security" line... Someone tell me how anything pertaining to a guy making $1.25 / hour in a warehouse could ever be deemed "national security"... What a joke!

As far as JJ's point about the government not being able to keep a secret, says who??? What a myth! What the hell is that based on??? They keep secrets all the time, and accuse others of doing the same. Good lord, you sound like one of those lawyers for the tobacco companies, ("Nope, not a shred of evidence that nicotine is addictive...") who, by the way, were accused of perpetrating a massive 50 year cover-up of the harmful effects of smoking. According to your wacko, poorly thought out logic, that's impossible... how can you keep a secret among 12 people in a room, never mind thousands of people that would to be in on that one! And they won court case after court case!

I'm afraid throw away crap about dogs an bacon doesn't address my questions! If I'm on the jury, Oswald gets off! (oooohhh, the big bad, sneaky communist that he was!)

Anyone, someone, somewhere, duplicate the "magic bullet" in real life conditions, just one single time and I'll convert to the other side! In a heartbeat! Forty years and counting -- and waiting -- for that to happen! Give it up already you guys! As that twit Posner would say: "Case Closed!"



It's apparent you feel very strongly about this. I would have hoped that you'd have had time to cool off. Assuming such a conspiracy existed, it hasn't been broken open yet. Presumably the people behind it still have the kind of power they need to suppress the information. Who would they be? Can you tell us your idea of which organizations or people could be behind it today? What is their motivation for maintaining the charade? Is the entire U.S. government a front?


i think they did the right thing putting him in jail because it is sure to be said that the 2 shots came from behind kennedy and one in throgh the throat and out the back and oswald couldnt of done that so im glad i just wish i knew the whole story so i could do my paper in peace and not strin myself.


There is something that all the "tidy" new single bullet supporting folks keep leaving out. The bullet wound in the back of the president HAD A DISTINCT END! The wound was probed during the autopsy by one of the doctors (Humes, I believe) who commented that he could feel the END of the wound. Put it together folks. The bullet did NOT transit the president's body!This is an absolute necessity for the magic bullet theory. Some of these new simulations and such do a real good job with making it plausible as a straight shot rather than the erratic and improbable path previously thought to be. Too bad its all for nothing. Again, the bullet did not go through the body--by definition--multiple shooters. I also believe the ORIGINAL testimony of the Parkland doctors about the throat wound being one of entry that was enlarged for tracheotomy. The head shot was obviously frontal and to one side, plus the "shallow" back wound, plus the wounds to Gov. Connally, plus the Teague cheek scratch from the miss fragment--that's at least 5 shots. Eyewitness reports, while predominantly stating 3 shots were, however varied. Argue away about "who?" and "why?" in this murder, but there WAS more than one trigger finger at work here. WE will never have a chance at knowing the rest until we confront that reality. With the passage of time now so great, we may not even find out at all. One last thing--study this man's life as well as his death--he was special.


So Mark, is it a conspiracy or just gross incompetence? Why has the truth never come out?


The kennedy assassination was definetly a conspiracy. 4 shots were fired and there were 3 rifleman. the mafia had something to do with it .


Did you hear that JFK had secretly been visiting Area 51 shortly before coming to Dallas? Close to known mafia hangouts.

Frank Warner

It's fine to keep asking questions, but I think it's pretty obvious by now Oswald acted alone, and he killed Kennedy simply because he felt he was a misfit and wanted someone to pay for his unhappiness.

Let me add: One unexamined piece of evidence might advance the unending JFK assassination investigations, and that would be the bullet fragments in the late John Connelly's wrist.

Oswald's rifle used a specific kind ammunition with an easily identifiable composite of materials, so a scientific examination of the fragments would be worthwhile.

The fragments are buried with Connelly's body. The body should be exhumed and the fragments fully tested. I find it hard to believe the Connelly family would object.


Damn Frank! That's a good idea. I didn't know about those fragments. The family might object though, just because they're tired of the whole subject. RIP.


I believe there were multiple (two or perhaps more) in Dealy Plaza. The snap-back of the head does it for me. I don't believe a shot from the back, and a "reflex", accounts for that. Interestingly, the media takes great pains (after the Richard Jewel reportage) to call suspected perpetrators "alleged" murderers, assasins, kidnappers, etc., etc., prior to disposition of status in a court of law. The two exceptions are Osama Bin Laden and... Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswals was never convicted of anything, and he should meet the media's criteria of an "alleged" assasin - however, the media have their job to do in this case. One last thing. I picked up an interesting record (2 LP) box set. It's a CBS news editor who is interviewing 4 people who were in the motorcade that day (all press people, I believe). The interview is being conducted one month after the assasination, as they mention on record. One of the interviewees mentions a "motorcycle cop" riding his motorcycle up along the triple underpass "as far as he could go", dropping his bike, running up to the top and running along the railroad tracks. What? Had never heard that ANYWHERE. I can post details of who are talking on this record - it is fascinating. Judging from the thickness of the vinyl and general age of this set, I imagine it was released in '64.


I meant to say "multiple shooters" above - thanks.

jj mollo

The Moving Finger writes, and having writ,
Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.

- by Omar Khayyam (c.1038-1123)
- translated by Edward Fitzgerald (1809-1883)

clifford jakubowski

If the gun used was Oswald,s it should have his fingerprints all over from handling, assembling, etc. They act surprised to find his prints on the weapon. These prints were planted to frame him. Easy way for whomever to put the focus on Oswald as the shooter.

J. Garner

John Connelly went to his grave insisting he was not hit by the same gunshot that had hit John F. Kennedy. The Zapruder film bears him out, showing Connelly, after John Kennedy has clutched his throat, still holding his Stetson hat in the right hand which was connected to the right wrist that was just SUPPOSEDLY shattered by a bullet.

This means a fourth shot and a second gunman.

Of course, we could give somebody a Stetson to hold and see if they could keep on holding on to it after they were shot in the wrist with a high-powered rife.

Since Gerald Posner just loves reconstructions, I would think that he would jump at this opportunity to "prove" that this could physically be done.

Frank Warner

The more reconstructions, the better. They just keep confirming that Oswald acted alone.

As for Gov. Connelly believing he was hit by another bullet, he could be right and he could be wrong. But it was a bullet from Oswald's rifle.

Keep in mind, when President Reagan was shot in 1981, he didn't know he had been shot for at least a minute.

It's hard to believe a sniveling malcontent like Oswald could cause such a disaster. But he craved attention.

Going to the Soviet Union earned him little notice. Supporting Fidel Castro in the U.S. got him a little more. Killing Kennedy got him all the attention he ever wanted, and just a little more.


JFK was killed by US ruling elite. JFK went against US military complex. He did not want a war in Asia - Pacific. He thought he could do something. He was a man of honor and died because of his integrity.

The thing with US presidents that they are puppets of powerful US oligarchy. "Elections" are total setup.


I always thought an interesting comment was when Jacqueline Kennedy (Still wearing the bloody dress) was asked why she was still wearing it, she said "I want them to see what they did." Now, did she just assume it was a conspiracy or did she have knowledge of what happened? I physically don't think Oswald could have done it, but I do think the shot came from above in the SBD. I've been to the SBD museum and been to the grassy knoll, and it's all really close, so I think if a guy was firing off a high-powered rifle from the grassy knoll, people would have noticed. Even the Zapruder film supports the shot from above by the people's reactions. I liked the movie JFK, it was an interesting piece of fiction. Like most Hollywood produced "documentaries", it was intended to sway an opinion. It's just too big of a conspiracy to not have gotten revealed by now.

jj mollo

So, here's an interesting article that is bound to get this story smoking again.


I too believe the Mafia murdered president Kennedy.

I agree with JJ. There had to be 3 snipers and 4 shots fired.

Shot 1: Hit Kennedy in the upper back. Exited his throat. (Dal-Tex building)

Shot 2: Hit Governor Connally (Book Depository)

Shot 3: Hit Kennedy in the head (Grassy Knoll)

Shot 4: Missed the limousine entirely (Dal-Tex building)

I believe Lucine Sarti was the shooter on the Grassy Knoll.

Frank Warner

I know Oswald did it alone.

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