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November 10, 2012



Was the resignation of Petraeus necessary?


It will be a movie because sex sells.


The real scandalous love affair


Hollywood's great scramble for Petraeus: the movie


Speaking of Candy Crowley, watch this video. It references her:
Bill Whittle


Look for it to get WORSE as Obama goes on the DOJ is a joke, his SCOTUS picks a joke.. Foreign policy a joke.. his FEMA ACTIONS a joke.. STILL waiintg to see, if the INSIDE PAGES, of that Budget Brochure he kept waving the last few weeks of his campaign, had ANYTHING printed on them!! The whole WORLD, is in chaos .Humanity, in my opinion, is NOT evolving people are DE-VOLVING!! The EVIL, lying, cheating, stealing, violence etc, is at a HISTORIC HIGH it seems.. and it's EVERYWHERE anymore Honesty is now a JOKE Depravity.. a VIRTUE!! Good is BAD.. Bad is now the NEW GOOD where id it all go wrong??? Was it, when people found, they no longer HAD TO WORK' to survive?? What??God help us all .Reply


The Benghazi Scandal Grows

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