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August 21, 2011



Oh, yeah. Obama's "arm's-length distance" may pay off. They're already drafting their new constitution based on Sharia law. Just f'in dandy!

Obama is a horse's ass.

Frank Warner

So far, the only real Arab democracy is in Iraq. The next real one will show the despots' dominos are falling.


Walid Phares: Obama, NATO Must Stop Libya’s Hardline Islamists From Taking Power


Libyan Draft Constitution: Sharia Is ‘Principal Source Of Legislation’ – READ THE NEW LIBYA CONSTITUTION HERE


Evidently, his name is really spelled as Qathafi.

Does Libya Video Finally Reveal How to Spell Qaddafi’s Khadafy’s Gadhafi’s Name?


Qathafi Slips The Noose, Escapes Town On Eve Of Assault

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