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May 07, 2011



The US and Pakistan struck a secret deal almost a decade ago permitting a US operation against Osama bin Laden on Pakistani soil similar to last week's raid that killed the al-Qaida leader, the Guardian has learned.

The deal was struck between the military leader General Pervez Musharraf and President George Bush after Bin Laden escaped US forces in the mountains of Tora Bora in late 2001, according to serving and retired Pakistani and US officials.

Under its terms, Pakistan would allow US forces to conduct a unilateral raid inside Pakistan in search of Bin Laden, his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and the al-Qaida No3. Afterwards, both sides agreed, Pakistan would vociferously protest the incursion.

"There was an agreement between Bush and Musharraf that if we knew where Osama was, we were going to come and get him," said a former senior US official with knowledge of counterterrorism operations. "The Pakistanis would put up a hue and cry, but they wouldn't stop us."

"Gutsy decision" my ...

Nice find, Neo.


God wants the murders sent to him, God told his peolpe to wipe out non believing nations,one of king davids generals, was a great warrior and a great hero, he stabed one of the cabinet members and killed him,then he was labled a murder, and then was also killed. the new testiment christ said if you don't have a sword buy a sword. christ used vilance to drive the money changers out of the temple so that his peolpe could got in and worship, how do you think christ would have handled a man who killed thosands of his peolpe? I want to say these bleeding heart christians that feel sorry for this evil man, should sit down and read the bible. I am a very strong christian, i support this station but enough is enough listening to everyone feeling sorry for this man who killed so many. I don't support the partys in the streets either, but this is something that is well over due. even the muslins around the world are in celabration over this.

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“We should also look for an American channel that can be close to being unbiased, such as CBS, or other channel that has political motives that make it interested in broadcasting the point of view of al- Mujahidin,” bin Laden wrote shortly before his death. “Then, we can send to the channel the material that we want the Americans to see. You can ask brother Azzam about the channel that you should send the tape to and let me know your opinion and his.”

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