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September 29, 2009




Frank Warner

Yes, and they didn't even try to pretend it was to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the pizza.

You want red and yellow for totalitarian atrocities? Sure!

jj mollo

Mao is dead, you know. You've got to pick your villains.

The government of the PRC is authoritarian, nationalistic, expansionist, corrupt, intolerant, unrepresentative, elitist, belligerent, repressive, devious, greedy and potentially very dangerous. Compared to the Cultural Revolution, however, it's a beacon of light. I think it's not even unreasonable to say that they're trying to change. Change is not easy. ... The Chinese have at least grown practical. Economic gains of such magnitude as theirs do not grown on shallow soil. Philosophical reform came first.

The Empire State Building managers are not interested in catering to the cause of Freedom. There are few companies that care in the slightest. Obviously, their freedom of operation matters to them, but not political freedom per se. They don't see it as their job. They only see PR value. They look for ways to make people like them and do business with them. I'm not sure you can expect more. The social context is where it's at. They found a way to mollify the people who wanted the green. Now they have another group to mollify.

Frank Warner

They told the Iranian democrats no.

They told the Chinese totalitarians yes.

That says nothing good.

They're celebrating all 60 years of Communist China.

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