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August 17, 2009


jj mollo

Edelstein don't know his Edelmann from a hole in the ground! ... Uh, I thought it was Monty Python. (Monty Python wasn't a real snake you know.) When did this all happen again?


Peter Max did do the original artwork... John Lennon asked him to! But by the time production came around Peter was too busy... The key word here is ORIGINAL artwork...

Frank Warner

Wrong. Peter Max claims Lennon asked him if the Beatles could use his art style in the movie. Max did no "original artwork" for the movie. And as for the art style, the style itself was Edelmann's.


Peter Max had no input whatsoever in the Yellow Submarine movie, direct or indirect. Guy is a chronic liar, and a shallow ripoff, who just happened to be successful on the American hippy-dippy market of the Sixties. The film's visuals were created by Heinz Edelmann, an artist of infinitely superior imagination and graphic competence. Max's returning claim that Edelmann "stole" his style (which is, in fact, heavily indebted to Milton Glaser) reveals a deplorable character, light years removed from the message of his Love & Peace artefacts. It is telling, by the way, that Max is not even a footnote in serious art publications like Graphis, while Heinz Edelmann is a regular.

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