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August 05, 2009


jj mollo

There's also the fact that glaciers flow naturally. The famous Star Dust case involved a plane that crashed into the top of an Andes glacier in 1947 to appear 50 years later at the bottom. Argentina is still expecting more pieces to show up in future years as the glacier moves down the mountainside.

(OT, the last hurried message from the plane to Santiago was "STENDEC", which has been something of a mystery. IMO, it is simply the plane's name typed so quickly in Morse code as to be incomprehensible. The last letter was cut off by the collision, providing an exact time -- once again, my opinion only.)

The Iceman case was a little different. From my understanding, he was trapped in a natural bowl, where the glacier was not subject to flow. That's where you need to look if you want to find really old things, because the normal process is going to flush things down stream at up to two meters a day. And he must have been exposed by melt rate exceeding accumulation for a period of some years.


I'm hoping someone finds some woolly mammoth DNA and has a spare elephant handy to make babies. I mean, let's admit it. Bald elephants are just plain ugly.

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