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August 31, 2009



Notice that the Andropov didn't take Ted up on his offer. I guess the Evil Empire was smarter than our media. They knew a foold and a fraud when they saw one.


The reason there's no uproar about Rangel is the 'D' after his name. Put an 'R' after his name and every newcast would be leading with the story for weeks.


we must believe them or our lying eyes! Scum. Pure scum in DC and it crosess both parties and all races. Kick them all out.They should be so lucky if that's all that happened. Really, some should be in prison. I'm sure Rangel just HATES being told tsk,tsk,tsk * wink* *wink* as he keeps the ill-gotten gains and retires to the Dominican with his Fed Gov retirement and $$$$ intact.

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