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April 02, 2009



>> an impossible degree of perfection?

The friggin' offense didn't give the defense access to all of the information! Is that how you would want to be defended, with only a part of the story for the jury or judge?

Frank Warner

If they really withheld material that would have helped the defense, that would dispel my skepticism.

But what did they withhold? Haven't seen that yet.

jj mollo

It's very hard to take down a politician with that kind of clout. If you had predicted in November that, somehow or other, Ted Stevens would slip off the hook, why, you'd look like a genius today, wouldn't you? Who knows what happened. Maybe Holder was offering an olive branch to the Republicans. It's also a good excuse to pry open some job slots in the Justice Department. Then again, maybe it was a sincere effort to make sure the Department is free of partisan taint. Stranger things have happened.


So, now you want the evidence that was withheld to be at a degree of perfection that matches your estimation? C'mon.

Withholding anything is against proper procedure and the people prosecuting know that. They were falsely eaten up with the lustful desire to win at any cost including not following proper procedures. That type of lawyer is a nightmare to get to justice.

They accuse the defendant of not following the rules and they themselves violate rules to get as quickly as possible to their big "slam dunk" win. They gambled and lost. They wasted taxpayer money and those involved should be fired.

Frank Warner

I think my point is being missed. If prosecutors really withheld significant information, then let Stevens go or, better yet, give him a new trial.

But if what really is happening is that the corrupt power elite is making it impossible to prosecute corruption by the power elite, then let's stop it.

When this Stevens announcement was made, I had a flashback to House Speaker Denny Hastert objecting in May 2006 to the FBI search of Congressman William Jefferson's office, after $90,000 had been found in Jefferson's personal freezer. Hastert was saying the FBI investigation could not proceed, essentially because congressmen were above the law.

And where has Jefferson's bribery case gone? Could the Justice Department be thinking up a way to let Jefferson off the hook, too?

jj mollo

What should be happening, imo, is that if the prosecutors cheated, they should retry him. He should definitely have a fair trial, but I think Holder is taking liberties with the system for his own reasons. Congressmen should be held to a higher standard than the rest of us. If they don't feel that way, they shouldn't seek the job.


>> withheld significant information

Again, you're assigning your standard of what is significant. It doesn't matter if it was significant or not. The rules say you shall not withhold information, period. But, if you'd rather no onre follow the rules as this president and Congress jhave been doing anyhow...

Frank Warner

By significant, I meant something related to the case. Prosecutors aren't required to call defense lawyers every minute to tell them what time it is.

We'll find out what was withheld. Then we'll find out whether the Justice Department is intent on prosecuting public corruption in general.

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