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October 06, 2008



I am so proud of dear Shelly Mandel, so proud to be a woman. There is a long way to walk but we are on the right track.
Shelly is a leader and as such she knows a real leader when she sees one,
I do not agree with everything either but I think that a woman is going to save u the US from dumping in the extreme left.
Look around there is no country as the USA, look at the countries that have been taking by the radicals , God bless America, we are not perfect by no means but thanks to women as Shelley Mandel and Sarah Palin we will overcome.

Frank Warner

Gail appears to have that liberal open-mindedness. It's the thing that there's just too little of.

Good to hear from you.


I have never supported NOW because they are too liberal and seem to only accept pro-choice as the answer.
This is a fresh new face on an organization that hasn't reached too many in my generation. Congrats -- you may see more women ready to step up after this courageous lady helped another sister despite differences on certain issues.

WONDERFUL!! Thank you.


Way to go Shelly Mandel! What a rarity today! Seeing her standing up for what she believes in knowing all well she'll take a lot of heat from the establishment.For emphasizing what NOW is supposed to be about! I am a Barry Goldwater republican woman and a NOW member who could not be more proud! I don't agree 100% with Governor Palin nor with NOW on all the issues, and that's ok. Thank you Shelly Mandel for reassuring me that I'm not alone!


I am sickened by Shelly Mandell's support of Sarah Palin. As women if we go ahead supporting and electing females because they are a females and not because they are qualified for the jobs they are applying for then we are looking at gender nepotism. That is not what this election or any election is about. Sarah Palin is not ready to be the vice president of this county, let alone the president if something would happen to John McCain. If we start voting our gender, we are going to be in real trouble in the future.


So, Roseann, what are you voting for? What makes Obama more qualified than Palin?

jj mollo

If NOW is serious about supporting women in society, then it has to recognize that women actually occur in both parties. I certainly have political differences with Sarah Palin, and she is not really qualified for the position of Vice President, but there is no doubt that she is a leader, a real political force. She deserves the attention of NOW.

Advocacy groups such as NOW or ACLU or the NRA for that matter, who align themselves strongly with a single party, can suffer from that choice. They are spurned and vilified by the opposing party and ignored by the party they support. In short, they truncate their potential influence by offering unnecessary loyalty to one and unwarranted hostility to the other. The most influential position for any group is to straddle the middle. Rather than relying on zealotry, they should take the long view and try to influence the nature of viable compromises. Big tent.

Marlene Goodman

Shelly Mandel has set woman's rights back five centuries. She should resign and not make a mockery of all the the thing we stood for for so many years. Shame on you Shelley. I know if you ever admit the truth you will regret it.

How can you endorse a woman who shoots defenseless animals from a helicopter so her hunter pals can shoot them point blank.


Frank Warner

So that's what feminism is all about, Marlene? Protecting Democrats and defenseless animals?

May French-Sheldon was an early women's rights advocate and a big-game hunter in Africa. So was suffragette Grace Gallatin Seton-Thompson.


"Unless you're a black homosexual working class [, animal-defending] woman, you're an oppressor, pig! You deserve to die!"

National Lampoon, "Lemmings" [with minor embellishment]

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