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May 09, 2007



Frank, he is showing you as Urkel. I think he is dissin' you. ;-)


Kevin has WAAAY too much time on his hands. It's awesome.


Murdoc's right, lately. I make annoying banners for him too :). But it's just you two. 'Cause I care.

But Frank, the libertarian position is that NO ONE is a little person. We're all... what's that word?... oh yeah... equal. On the off chance that you might find someone who's NOT equal, you'll find that they are extremely capable of being equal, but they just need some help. Let's help them, k? Let's not destroy them with government assistance.

Libertarians are all for helping out mentally retarded or multi-plegic people, so please don't bring them into the argument.

Frank, I accuse you of being a libertarian. I further accuse you of not supporting the liberal view that we should support the raging crackhead with a monthly government subsidy. I accuse you of not supporting the liberal view that war cannot be used for anything more than evil.

I accuse you of not believing that Islam is a religion of peace, as most liberals purport. I accuse you of not believing that 9/11 was planned and caused by Bush.

Admit it, Frank. You aren't a liberal! You're a libertarian, or... dare I say it... a Conservative! That's right. I went there.

Ps. I wasn't dissing you with the Urkel image. It was just funny (to me), since it was a silly sitcom.

jj mollo

Steve Urkel was someone who knew how to make the most of his gifts and rise above the judgments of others.


Frank's silence suggests tacit approval of my comments. As Gore said, the debate is over!

And as jj said, Frank is Urkel, but in a good way. Welcome to the conservative/libertarian movement, Frank! Keep in mind, we have apostate rules just like the jihadis!

You're next, jj mollo!

(just kidding about the apostate thing. I for one promise to never kill you if you revert to your liberal roots.)

Frank Warner

It's a free country. It'll be better when we're all liberals!


I assume you meant "when we're all conservatives!" Conservatism, which is all about conserving. If we conserve what we have, we'll have it a lot longer!

Liberal, on the other hand, comes from the word 'lib', or more specifically, 'Mad Libs'. Mad Libs are kind of funny, but hardly the kind of thing to form a world view around.

Put down that Mad Lib book, and come over to the conserve, Frank and JJ! We can save the world together, and you can still play mad libs on weekends!


Wow, that was even too silly for ME!


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