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May 09, 2007


jj mollo

Six out of seven ain't bad. You're definitely right about the political base. He would get booed off the stage with one whisper of nuclear. Nuclear is the third rail of environmental politics. That's because reality is a hard pill to swallow. After condemning nuclear power for four decades, environmentalists find it hard to do a 180.

One thing I like in that program is the concept of offsetting new taxes by reducing old taxes. That is a plan that has a chance of selling. He neglected to mention the need for research on energy storage technology, but I really like the part about encouraging private production.

The silver buckshot approach is where it's at, mainly because we have no choice at this point. We just have to hope it will be enough.

Another area of research that's needed is in high-tech climate remediation -- global sunscreens, carbon sequestration, albedo modification, cow fart prevention, etc. (not to mention levee management and storm intervention). These things might sound off the wall today, but think about the things that have actually happened.

I'm glad you looked into this. Maybe you could post about problems that have actually been successfully addressed even though people were skeptical.

D Sheehy

We get the worst of both worlds with our current attitude towards nuclear power. The proliferation risk of having 500 nuclear power plants worldwide and the CO2 problem from having so many damn coal powered plants. If globally we replace all the coal powered plants with nuclear ones (just like the french - we only need to build 1000 more plants to do it ), develop plug in hybrid cars, and replace all of the natural gas heated homes in the world with ground based heat pumps (just like Bush has on his ranch) we can reduce CO2 emissions enough so that the amount of CO2 produced each year equals the amount sequestered by the worlds oceans and thus stop the increase in CO2 levels in the atmosphere. We would also free up a lot of natural gas supplies which could be used to make synthetic oil.

Frank Warner

Yep. D. Sheehy, you're thinking practically. You're talking as if you want to solve the problem.

The trouble is, too many people have staked out semi-religious positions, out of which no solution is possible.

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