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April 10, 2007


Who Knows

This is the way that the Hualapai indians can make some extra cash. Since they are one of Arizona's Perennial Victim Groups, they get to break laws with impunity and gouge people coming to see that ugly piece of crap they call a Skywalk that they stole from the original developer. That is a pretty sweet deal when the developer pays for the Skywalk's construction, has the thing seized from him by the Hualapai tribe, goes bankrupt and now they are charging $75 to walk on an ugly monstrosity built on "sacred indian land." The Skywalk completely ruins that part of the canyon and the avarice of the Hualapai tribe, coupled with their perennial whining about how horribly they have been treated, even though that was over 100 years ago should make every sane person stay away from the place. It is nothing more than a giant scam disquised as a tourist attraction. Save your money. Go to the national park to see the canyon and avoid the extortion tactics of the Hualapai tribe.

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