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March 04, 2007


Christopher Taylor

By the end of this year, that list will have changed significantly. I doubt any of these headliners will even make it through the primary system.


Obama vs Guliani. Either way we lose. Obama will make us lose in our war, Guliani will make us lose our sovereignty to provide an unlimited cheap labor workforce, keeping poor Americans poor.

Obama hurts us fast. Guliani hurts us slow. Guliani eeks out a win in Nov, 2008.

Other predictions:
-On election day, the sky will be cloudy over most of America, but 80 and sunny in San Diego.

-The sea level will be 0.00" above what it is today.

-In NYC, a study will come out saying it's better to eat at a restaraunt that is rat infested than one that serves trans-fats.

-The NYT will print something negative about George Bush.

-In 2008, Keith Olbermann will continue to dislike Bill O'Reilly.

You heard it here first, folks!

jj mollo

McCain and Clinton. Clinton will win.

Frank Warner

That's a pretty bold prediction, JJ. I don't see McCain having a chance of being nominated, but Clinton could win.

Kevin, 80 degrees might be 2 degrees too high.

Christopher Taylor

Doesn't matter who the Democratic Nominee is, they could throw up a block of salt and get close to 50% of the votes simply from the media and the 30% of people in the country who would vote for Satan rather than a Republican.

These are the same people who hold otherwise standard GOP platform positions, but are convinced that the Repubs are mean to poor people while Democrats are for the little guy. No amount of evidence matters to them.

No politician is for the little guy. Unless he's personally little.

Frank Warner

It's a never-ending battle between the invisible hand and the visible hand, and the answer always is a compromise.

When you back the invisible hand of free markets, you're always at a disadvantage. Without a clearly visible chain of events from problem to solution, you appear to be doing nothing. You appear callous.

I'd like to believe we real liberals are intelligent enough to balance free markets and the occasional need for state intervention to protect that little guy (and girl).

Our health care system appears to be the biggest test ahead.


If Hillary does win, can someone at least lock up all the priceless china at the whitehouse? I'd hate to see how much more crap she'd break throwing stuff at Bill because he's getting some in the Oral Office again. Obama, my senator, only got elected in Illinois because he won Chicago over, he has no executive experience, is still a Muslim (Qu'ran states any muslim who converts is beheaded, well last I checked he still has his head), and frankly his quiet demeanor scares the hell out of me. What is this guy hiding?
On the republican side, I would only be happy about voting for Newt Gingrich (I know he's not declared but one can hope). I agree with Christopher, the press will make bumbling idiots out of Republicans as usual, and make Hillary look like St. Theresa. It could get interesting. My prediction is Guiliani Vs. Obama with Guiliani barely winning. Hard to beat the dead vote in Chicago and in St. Clair County (where I vote) but I think Guiliani can do it.

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