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August 08, 2006


jj mollo

"Moral crisis is the vile residue of moral cowardice, ..."

That quote is worth the price of admission. Hitchens has created a very impressive piece of work here. It is thoughtful and educational. You could get a generation of PhDs from the tangential issues.

It applies, of course to Iraq. Bush 41's abdication of responsibility after victory was a terrible thing. The Shiites and Marsh Arabs and his own son paid dearly for that one. Today we have the continual moral choice of whether to stand by democracy in Iraq. Things look very bleak over there, but the outcome is still in our hands. The will of the US Public to prevail is all that matters, and we should make the choice in light of the sad history of Europe and Japan.

Should we reenact Dresden in order to crush the will of resisters? I don't think so. After all, we did not have to murder the South in order to liberate it from the KKK, and that was a much more difficult job.

Frank Warner

We won't have to redo a Dresden in Iraq, but I have the feeling that, as soon as we withdraw most of our troops, the new Iraqi army will crush a few Sunni strongholds, and maybe a Shiite enclave, too. Some of the Baathists and Sadrists are asking for some heavy bruising.

It'll be bloody for a while, but democracy will win.

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