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July 03, 2006


Keith Demko

Interesting stuff .. I'm way behind on summer movies, but will finally be going to see this one today and am hoping the visuals manage to trump the very familiar storyline

Carl Patten

Got to love this movie! And after watching this, I got so curious about this great American highway (so-called Route 66). I haven't been to Route 66, but I would want to pay it a visit on my next road trip next month!

Laurence Modithre

The historic Route 66 bore witness to a lot of significant and memorable events in our country's history, and it's just rightful to pay homage to the Mother Road. Though it's not quite intact anymore, its roadside places of interest continue to relive their rich lives. Guess we could say that the movie did great in reminding people of today about it. And in perfect timing too, with all the modern and futuristic cars ready to hit the long road crossing the heart of America.

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