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January 03, 2006



Stay out of the mines if you're in China!!!

Patrick Ecclesine

Awful information and facts i read here. Lots of thanks for sharing this! Keep up the good work!


Where did you find these numbers? What are your sources ? I can't find the anywhere else besides your blog.

Frank Warner

Check with the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration. There are links in my post. Good luck!

Buck Arunachalam

What does this tell us? Sure, everyone knows mining is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world. Improvements in safety and sophisticated equipment saved countless lives. But there are still mines all over the world with workers lacking even the most basic equipment such as helmets. As proven in the Chilean mining rescue, proper safety training and having a calm head can also save lives.

Steve Stevens

I'm also a coal miner from southwest va. I,like my other brothers and i can call them brothers because All underground coal miners are family in my book , love what I do. I love knowing that the work I do gives a child heat in the cold winter and air cond in the hot summer. I also love the the fact that every single piece of steal that you all see today, all around you, the coal I mined heated it so that it could be formed into the things that we all use daily. All these people that are tring to shut us down are just biting the hands that have feed them for years . It's easy for one to say oh but it puts off co2 or it make asthma worst for people but yet they will still get in there car and drive across the big Steal bridge that coal formed to get to work. It doesn't make sence to me at all. But for those people I would like to say one thing I Am A Coal Miner and if YOU don't like it live in the dark!!!!
To all my fellow miners be safe , watch that top , and never, never stop mining that coal our kids and there kids need it.


I'm with you Steve.

We will continue to make it safer for you and your brothers and make the emissions cleaner for all of us.

We just don't need to cut off our noses to spite our faces. Coal is still a viable source of energy right here at home and, as this president has said, we can do anything as a nation if we just put our minds to it. Now, he needs to get on board with his own rhetoric.

David Douglass

Ive been a member of the National Union of Mineworkers in Britain for 42 years and a coalface worker for 30 0dd plus of those.
British coal is the safest deep mine coal in the world but since privitisation of the nationalised conditions have got worse. Only about 2000 miners are left on the whole island and weve had 8 killed in seven years which is fairly bad permanshift. Its nowhere near as bad as China which kills about 50% of all the coal miners in the world. This is due to the lack of union and workers control of mining though and not a fault of mining persae. CO2 can be caught and buried in clean coal operations, if governments in the west were prepared to put money into it. Yes it works, but its cheaper not to bother. The greens universally seem to hate the miners, maybe its because their usually middle class and dont like horny handed sons (and daughters) of toil ?

Critical illness cover

More than 15 Chinese coal miners die every day, mainly from gas explosions released when new coal tunnels are opened. A revolutionary new drilling technology from Australia may help save Chinese coal miners' lives and also help reduce air pollution.

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