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September 23, 2005



I understand your concern but, for too long, this "critical habitat" phrase has been abused to stop any kind of development that anybody doesn't like.

I'm wondering if this law is paving the way to creating new nuclear power plants -- a big target of such frivolous law suits. People will look under every nook and cranny (and even sneak some in, I don't doubt) to find an endangered species on the proposed plot for a nuclear power plant.

By the way, this brings up another problem. For too long, our "representatives" in Washington have been declaring every bird, newt and salamander to be an endangered species. At the time, it seemed like a harmless "feel good" law but, as they found out, it backfired.

It truly is time for some common sense legislation.

jj mollo

The house is on fire. Some folks don't believe it yet. Others want someone else to do the work. Most are grudgingly trying to help. The more rigid environmentalists are running around screaming and trying to save Aunt Mathilda's old tea serving.

I'm frankly suspicious though that Congress is just looking for a way to make a buck. Developers are voracious. They don't care about the environment because they think it'll be someone else's problem.

What we really need is to preserve large swaths of habitat. Economic pressure makes this progressively harder to do. Global warming will make it even harder. We are going to lose some species. We already have. The endangered species act won't save them, but it has served as lever to preserve habitat. To that extent it has been a good thing. If Congress wants us to build nuclear power plants, which I would love to see, then it can pass laws to make it easier.

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