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February 10, 2005



Crichton is a marvelous writer. He has certainly made use of fear mongering in some of his novels to attract an audience, so I guess he knows a little about the method. I think, however, that any suggestion that our collective burden on the planet is not approaching some sort of Malthusian horizon is simply wishful thinking. Whether it be global warming, cessation of the Gulf Stream, or collapse of the ocean eco-system, something is going to dramatically change our survival potential. Currently, our relationship to the environment is driven by the least responsible among us. We need to heed the warnings and change that reality.

I agree with his suggestion that adversarial approaches to scientific issues are productive, but the implication that these methods have not been applied to the global warming issue is disingenuous. Nobody with any stake in the status quo wants to believe that this is happening, and many have tried to disprove the idea. The scientific consensus, however, is not on their side.

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