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July 20, 2004



Democrats are defending Berger; they always do circle the wagons around the criminals.


Unfortunately, Democrats also have a philosophical penchant to consider security restrictions as being excessive, silly and paranoid. They associate the system of making documents secret, or classified, with Red Scare tactics and J. Edgar Hoover.

Scientists are even worse in their low regard for secrets. They think the whole system stifles progress and besides, only a select few can even understand what its all about. Nobody else can understand this, and I need to read it before the big meeting tomorrow.

It is probably true that the federal govt classifies too many things, frequently for bad motives or just plain laziness. People in both parties leak classified info all the time. Nevertheless, the system has to be taken seriously. Scientists should be forced to take a course in the logical reasoning behind systematic security techniques. They are pretty good about bio-hazard techniques, because they understand the reasoning. If you can enlighten the scientists, Democrats will probably take their cue from them.

I guess I’m assuming that Sandy Berger has been doing this for years, sometimes returning the documents, sometimes losing them or cutting them into paper dolls for his grandkids. It's hard to believe he would be a spy for anyone but the DNC. It's easy to believe that he's a doofus.

Frank Warner

I don't think anyone suspects Berger was spying. The suspicion is, he was hiding someone's embarrassing mistakes.


I take back that earlier comment. Some are saying Berger was collecting information for the Kerry campaign.

But since he had clearance, Berger had every right to read the documents. He just was not supposed to remove them.


1 GOP still lying

2 you guys have no shame in lying


Frank Warner

Republicans lie when they argue that the federal budget balances or that eliminating the "death tax" is a good idea.

Democrats lie when they say the liberation of Iraq was a conspiracy to steal Iraq's oil.

Both major political parties are corrupt.

Now, Nick, what is the lie about Sandy Berger?

Matt Lauer

It's completely obvious he was trying to hid something that would have huge negative historical implications in regards to 9/11. It had to be damning if he risked getting caught and being arrested in disgrace. Whatever he was hiding/changing had to be worth it and so must have been huge.

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