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January 03, 2004



For me, its hard to say one way or the other about Mubarak. You must admit that he abuses his power, but democratic reforms could easily lead to an Iranian situation, with fanatics in charge. Mubarak does seem to allow more freedom of the press than many dictators. I have read articles very critical of him, purportedly from the Egyptian press. Criticizing him is not necessarily a death sentence.


The problem is that Egyptians are passive adn won't act. They are just some lazy filthy pigs who are busy eating beans and watching soccer games. They deserve to be smashed like potatoes or even to be squeezed through a pipe hole.


Sounds messy. Do they have beans in Egypt? Have you ever been squeezed through a pipe hole? They only watch soccer because they think it's football.


It's easier said than don,pls understand that when you are ruled by a tyrant,visious&fascist Dictatorship,you are in fact ruled by the iron fist and you stand to loose your life or liberty at a stroke of a pen or even a telephone call,we say in Egyptian { who's hand in water is never the same as being in fire }}we are talking about being ruled by true criminals !!! pls give the Egyptians a brake and tell uncle sam we had enough of the implanted criminal DICTATORS. thanks.


i think that all egyptions should make something in this hard times

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